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Based In Vero Beach, Florida

          Willing to Travel      

Cell Phone: 440-223-2177

Would you like to improve your horse's performance for

training and competition? Book with me for an individualized

massage therapy session now!



Equine Massage Therapy

Creating release and relaxation through a series of customized techniques to bring relief to any horse in any discipline.

Cost: $195 (plus travel cost)

Dressage Training

Classically trained for 13 years, meeting each horse and rider's needs to bring them to their fullest potential. 

Cost: $85 (plus travel cost)

*Travel Cost $25 Per Hour


Mel has been working with my horse, Brownie, for a little over a year. In his prior life, he was a show horse, and is now retired with the aches and pains that come with age. I love how he responds to the massage therapy work! Mel is truly gifted in the way that she can tune into the horse and sense what he needs. She is kind and caring with him, and is extremely well versed in horse anatomy. I learn something new every time she comes to work on Brownie. She came highly recommended from my vet, and I am grateful for all she does for me and my horse! 

Eileen M.

Mel has been an amazing addition to my team of vets and farriers for my horse Latte. He is a 16 year old Appaloosa who is quite sensitive, and doesn't respond well to everyone. From the first time Mel worked on him, she allowed him to settle in and get used to her, allowing for them to build a trust that would enable him to get the greatest benefits of the body work she was doing for him. She has also taught me some massage techniques I can

use on Latte myself, which has been really helpful in our own connection and my understanding of his body and any regular tension he may have. He is noticeably more relaxed in his demeanor and his movement after a session with Mel. She is a true professional, and I would recommend her service to anyone looking to get the most out of their time with their horse!

Ashley C.

Mel started working with Marcus, my Welsh Pony/Thoroughbred Cross! We were competing in Hunter/Equitation shows and decided to incorporate massage into his training. I saw positive results right away, and was quite happy that the massage therapy helped him to feel good and ready to train/perform. They also have helped him keep sound for longer without the help of injections. He can be temperamental most times, but Mel has a way with him, and always shows him patience and kindness. I highly recommend Mel to others, and will continue to use her services for my horses! 

Ava K.

*If you would like to see more testimonials, check out the "Review Portion" on my FaceBook Site.

In Action

          Photos Taken By:
Emily Marie Photography 
Susan J. Stickle Photography

My Background

I grew up in Ohio, and rode my first horse at five. At age fourteen, my parents bought me my first horse, Duke, and I started jumping with my trainer, Freddy Duarte. In 2008, I went to Miracle Mountain Ranch, and studied Western. After school, I started a working student position with Michelle LaBarre of LaBarre Dressage Training Center in New York. The discipline clicked with my personality, and I was stuck:-) I moved back to Ohio and started teaching kids how to ride. It was a fun three years before receiving my certification in Equine Massage through Equissage in Virginia. I then moved to Florida, after purchasing Piston, and began training with International Grand Prix Trainer, Chrissa Hoffmann of CFH Dressage. After training Piston to Third Level, I sold him as a para horse and bought Freya, a five year old Oldenburg mare from Germany. In 2019, I received a second certification in Equine Massage through Animal Dynamics in Ocala, FL. For the past 8 years, I've trained with Chrissa, and got my bronze medal with Freya in 2020! I am working towards my Silver Medal, and continuing to train other horses to grow in my expertise. I have sold Freya to a wonderful new owner in April, and have since purchased two five year old Dutch Warmbloods named Reno and No Secret. I will keep Reno and train him up the levels, and No Secret will be for sale shortly. Grateful for the new journey ahead with my two youngsters! My hope is that I will continue to grow more each day through patience and persistence while helping horses and their owners to succeed. My hobbies include yoga, swimming at the beach, watching a cheesy romantic comedy, and having a connection with each person I meet!


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