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Based In Vero Beach, FL and Atlanta, GA

      Willing to Travel      

Would you like to improve your horse's performance with a customized massage or a BEMER Session

Cell Phone: 440-223-2177



Equine Massage Therapy

Creating release and relaxation through a series of customized techniques to bring relief to any horse in any discipline.

Cost: $195 (plus travel cost)

BEMER Therapy
$100 for a 15 Minute Session
with a 10 Minute Massage 

$275 for Massage and BEMER 
Dressage Training

Classically trained for 13 years, meeting each horse and rider's needs to bring them to their fullest potential. 

Cost: $85 (plus travel cost)

*Travel Cost $30 Per Hour


Thank you for bringing me back into the Beautiful World of Dressage!! You are a fantastic, super professional, yet fun, instructor and coach. Every lesson with you, Mel, gives me much to continue working on, and so many light bulb moments that I can learn from!!

Christiane K. 

He is amazing, and totally full of it today! He hasn't felt so strong in a very long time. He's  bending to the right much better, balance is improved, and transitions are better. Literally night and day difference within one session with you!! I wish I had called you sooner. I forget that horses are athletes, and need more than exercise to really perform to the best of their ability!

Cristina A.

Thank you so much! He is doing great, and the most flexible he has been. He is happy and relaxed. Stretches out great especially after a BEMER and massage session with you!!

Jackie B.

*If you would like to see more testimonials, check out the "Review Portion" on my FaceBook/Instagram Site.

In Action

          Photos Taken By:
Emily Marie Photography 
Susan J. Stickle Photography

My Background

I grew up in Ohio, and rode my first horse at five. At 14, I got my first horse named Duke, and I did hunter jumpers with him. I sold him, and went off to Miracle Mountain Ranch, and studied Biblical Counseling and Equine Studies. After school, I started Dressage with Michelle LaBarre in PA as a working student. The discipline clicked with my personality, and I was hooked! I moved back to Ohio and started teaching kids how to ride. It was a fun three years before receiving my certification in Equine Massage through Equissage in Virginia. I purchased Piston and moved to Florida. I began training with Chrissa Hoffmann of CFH Dressage. After training him to Third Level, I sold him as a para horse and bought Freya, a 5 year old Oldenburg mare from Germany. In 2019, I received a second certification in Equine Massage through Animal Dynamics in Ocala, FL. For the past 10 years, I've trained with Chrissa, and got my bronze medal. I am working towards my silver medal, and continuing to train other horses to grow in my expertise. I sold Freya as a Prix St George horse. I have since purchased Reno and No Secret from the Netherlands who are both 6. I will keep No Secret and train him up the levels, and Reno is looking for his new owner in the Hunter Jumper world! I am now a BEMER Representative, and I can't wait to see how many horses I can help to perform to the best of their ability. My hobbies include yoga, swimming at the beach, listening to an audio book, and having a connection with each person I meet!


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